26 July 2016


The BIB editor writes:

Thanks to everyone for their concern and good wishes over my recently being 'in hospital'. I'm almost ashamed to reveal that the episode was very undramatic. If I'd been at the Ardara festival (15-17 July), neither I nor anyone else would have thought anything was particularly amiss.

However, on 14 July I had an appointment at the hospital for a heart checkup, and would have been out the same day except that it was discovered that a completely different part of the body needed treatment. That began at once, and I ended up staying in hospital, in comfort, being treated very well, and reading Lew Stern's new biography of Dwight Diller of West Virginia, and Tim Newby's book Bluegrass in Baltimore.

Since then, I've felt a lot livelier than I have for months - though I was, and am, very sorry at missing Ardara. The banjos are getting a lot of attention, and I'm looking forward to being back with Woodbine for the Bunratty and Balla festivals, if not sooner.

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