18 July 2016

News from Jeff Scroggins & Colorado

Everyone who saw or heard Jeff Scroggins & Colorado in Ireland at the beginning of this year will be glad to learn from Bluegrass Today that they have a new single out, 'Sometimes dig for taters', which can be heard via a link on the Bluegrass Today feature. The dynamic band has the same personnel as on the tour, with powerful lead singing by Greg Blake.

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At 2:49 pm, Blogger Greg Blake said...

Thank you, Richard, for the kind words and for helping to keep all of our wonderful friends in Ireland up to date about what's happening with the band. We can't wait to return to your fair country and visit the kind folks who've made us feel like family. Take care!

At 9:59 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

You're welcome, Greg - we hope to see you all again soon.


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