22 July 2016

Kentucky band in Dublin on 12, 13 Aug. 2016

Thanks to Michael Freeman for the news that the 2nd Blues, Roots, & Brass Festival, to be held in Whelan's on Camden St., Dublin 2, on the weekend 12-14 Aug. 2016, will feature the Bluegrass Collective. No, not the Dublin Bluegrass Collective [but see update below] - the band (above) is from Lexington, KY, and consists of Brandon Bowlds (banjo), Dove Gevedon (guitar), Roddy Puckett (bass), Danny Williams (mandolin), and Don Rogers (fiddle).

They are scheduled to play on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 August; on both days Pine Marten are also on the bill, and on Saturday Niall Toner Jr will be playing too [see update below], among the many artists taking part in this completely free event. At present we have no information of any other performances by the Bluegrass Collective in Ireland. BIB readers can judge their music from the three audio tracks and a video on ReverbNation.

Update 12 Aug.: It now appears that this listing of the US band Bluegrass Collective as taking part in the Whelan's event was an error on the part of someone in PR: it is the Dublin Bluegrass Collective who will be playing there. The link to 'Niall Toner' on Whelan's website, however, is still to Niall Toner Jr's Facebook, though it seems clear that Niall Toner Sr will be playing.

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