05 June 2016

KingBlue - the seismograph shakes again

The original KingBlue: Mel Corry, Caolan Derby,
Clem O'Brien, Sean McKerr

In September 2014 the BIB described the formation of KingBlue, a new bluegrass supergroup in Ireland, as 'seismic' - not excessive, given the potent blend of talent and experience which included Clem O'Brien, unchallenged as the best bluegrass singer in Ireland and an outstanding multi-instrumentalist into the bargain

Two days ago KingBlue put this update on their Facebook:

Unfortunately Clem has decided to part ways with KingBlue. We wish Clem well and he will always be a special friend. In the next few weeks we will be announcing his replacement. The person is chosen, we wouldn't want any speculation about whom it may be, watch this space!

This has not deterred speculation, which can be read on Facebook. We look forward to further news and to seeing and hearing KingBlue back on the circuit.

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