16 June 2016

BU: half a century on the clock

The June 2016 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited contains several features of direct interest to bluegrass enthusiasts in Ireland. First is a review of the self-titled CD by the Hamilton County Ramblers, who will be touring and teaching here next month (see the BIB's post last Monday). The reviewer, Richard D. Smith (biographer of Bill Monroe), writes: 'It’s a joy to discover a regional band that has the potential to break out nationally. [...] Everyone plays at pretty much the same level — superb. The tone, note selection, feeling, it’s all here', and the rest of the review is no less positive.

Also very positively reviewed are an album and a book of traditional bluegrass fiddle solos, both by fiddler Annie Stanninec, who played here in 2015 at Dunmore East and elsewhere. Coming this year to Dunmore East are Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, who are featured in an article by Derek Halsey. And there's much, much more.

This year Bluegrass Unlimited celebrates fifty years since its first publication; the whole bluegrass world owes a great deal to its founder, editor, and general manager, Pete Kuykendall.

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