09 May 2016

Tribute to Mile Twelve and John Nyhan

The BIB thanks Neil O'Rahilly, who writes:

Over the last few weeks I was fortunate to see the young bluegrass band from Boston, Mile Twelve, on a number of occasions.

This stunning young band bring their own flair to the music we love but manage to retain a real traditional feel also. I feel very fortunate to hear their music and get to know these people in such intimate surroundings as libraries, sessions, and Art Centre gigs.

This young band is right up there with the best that Colorado, Kentucky, etc. can offer, and our thanks again to John Nyhan for his tireless efforts in bringing these great musicians to our shores.

The photo, from the band's Facebook, shows Mile Twelve in the stage area of Mannion's, Balla, Co. Mayo, where they played on 2 May. See also Pat Kelleher's comment below.

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At 11:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must agree with Neil here. Mile Twelve were very refreshing, dynamic and soulful with unique arrangements and very much a balanced group of individual musicians blending beautifully as a band. Thanks again to John Nyhan for supplying us with a high standard of bluegrass music to give us bluegrass lovers an opportunity to witness this great genre in "live" format......Pat Kelleher


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