19 May 2016

Guy Clark, 1941-2016: update [1 June]

The BIB editor writes:

Thanks to Des Butler for drawing attention to the death on Tuesday of Texas singer, songwriter, and luthier Guy Charles Clark at the age of 74. As well as a Wikipedia biography, a review of his career is on the New Yorker website.

A major force in 'outlaw' and 'progressive' country music, he shared with bluegrass a resistance to the increasing pop-rockification of the country music industry.  His 'Stuff that works', co-written with Rodney Crowell, is the title song of an album by Gary Ferguson (due to tour here in July).

I saw Guy Clark once in concert at Whelan's in Dublin, and decided that any bluegrass band around Dublin would do well to have a stock of his songs in their repertoire. It seems appropriate, therefore, to use the above cover image from his 1995 album Dublin blues.

Update 1 June: Bluegrass Today carries a major feature by Daniel Mullins on Guy Clark and his impact on the bluegrass world, including a long interview with Shawn Camp.

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