21 April 2016

Wanted: a database for sessions and jams in Ireland

Wendy Connolly of 'Bluegrass in Ireland' puts forward this welcome suggestion on Facebook:

A discussion broke out on my personal page, and a few folks thought it was a pretty good idea. That idea is for a central information/data base for the ongoing jams/sessions throughout Ireland, so that you can find it when you want it, and out of towners can too. I know more than a few Americans who would love to have a place to meet like-minded musicians, while on holiday.

For this to happen we need 3 things:
1) A person with computer skills to form and maintain the site
2) All of you jammers to provide the who-what-where-whens of your jams
3) Participants to take advantage of the info.

As you know, jamming is the heart of Bluegrass. It's where skills are developed, tunes are swapped, bands are formed and gigs are spread around. Oh, and the best part, friendship and community. PLEASE give this some thought, and comment below.

BIB editor's note: I'd be delighted if any such database could be established. The 'weekly sessions' section of the BIB calendar gets revised once in a blue moon, and there must be many instances of sessions being started - or coming to an end - without the BIB being aware. If anyone sets up such a site, I'd be glad of the opportunity to provide a link to it on the BIB.

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At 4:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wendy Connolly's suggestion of a "Central Information Data Base" for Bluegrass sessions to be set up seems to me to be superfluous in the extreme. What does she think the BIB does and has been doing for many years? The BIB has been giving great exposure to Bluegrass Bands, venues and supplying information to Bluegrass fans in an all encompassing format the likes of which, in my opinion, is not equaled anywhere else on the web and is a credit to the editor, Richard Hawkins,for maintaining and imparting such an ongoing mine of information on all matters Bluegrass. Maybe Wendy Connolly does not log on to it? Regards, Des. Butler.


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