12 April 2016

No 5-string course at the ATCMS - yet

Two weeks ago the BIB reported that the Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School (ATCMS) in Belfast would be offering instruction in 5-string banjo, to be given by Tony Curran, among its many instrumental and vocal programmes.

Tony now reports with regret that the 5-string banjo class will not be on offer in the coming ATCMS term as there has been insufficient takeup, and a decision has accordingly been made to withdraw the course till September this year at the earliest.

This is all the more to be regretted, bearing in mind Tony's earlier observation: 'To the best of my knowledge, this is the only music school in Northern Ireland to offer tuition on 5-string banjo.' We hope support for the programme will be consolidated by the coming autumn.

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