14 March 2016

Niall Toner: catching up and overtaking

A week ago (6 Mar.) Niall Toner brought his blog up to date with a post on

*Songwriting: material for the next album is being written in cooperation with Dick Gladney, Johnny Gleeson, Richie Foley, Keith Sewell, and others - including Paddy Kiernan, with whom Niall has written a song telling the story of the last wolf in Ireland.

*Progress on the New Decade TV documentary on Niall's musical life includes an interview with Ciaran O'Connor and a live shoot of the Niall Toner Band. The NTB also recorded recently for Carlow TV the Niall/Keith Sewell composition 'Way of a wanderer' - watch them rehearsing it on YouTube.

*Fifty or so bluegrass fans will be going with Niall to the bluegrass heartlands this coming autumn; see the BIB for 11 Feb..

*And Niall's 'Roots Freeway' show on RTÉ Radio 1 will be back on the air on Saturday 4 June for another season.
    Furthermore, yesterday (13 Mar.) Niall posted on his blog the complete lyrics of a new song about his 1944 Gibson Army & Navy L-3 guitar. Read the full details of both posts on his blog.

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