23 March 2016

Mile Twelve - a little bit of back story

The BIB editor writes: When we learned a few days ago about the coming tour by Mile Twelve (USA), who will be playing at the 3rd Mountain Roots Music Weekend, a feeling began to grow that one person in particular was behind this. We were right - John Nyhan, the prime suspect, tells all as follows:

The reason that Mile Twelve are coming is as a result of the following.

Nate Sabat [above], the bass player, was the stand-in bass player with Jeff Scroggins when they were here for a few days last May. He is a great bass player and an excellent singer. He also had a great attitude: he requested would it be possible for his own band, based in Boston, to tour Ireland. I informed him that it may be possible. He had such a good attitude I didn't say no. Then when Tom Mindte was here we had much discussion about touring bands, and as he always has some young musicians with him, we came to the agreement that it is very important that young bands should be promoted as they are the future of bluegrass.

There you have it. Mile Twelve were the obvious band to book. They have got great reviews from Tony Trischka and Darol Anger. You couldn't get much better people to review them. Also Rick Faris was jamming with them at the IBMA and gave them great praise: 'Great fiddle and banjo playing'. Then Jeff Scroggins and band went to see them in the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, Mass. (as JS&C played in Mass. when they left Ireland), and said they were great and played to a full house where they got a great response.

I will send you the full details of their tour as soon as I can. I am finalising a few things. In May they will be doing a few libraries and they have yet to be finalised. In Cork during the month of May there is a festival that is called the Bealtaine Festival. This is coordinated by the arts officer in the city and county council. Most of the events are held in libraries. I have been very involved in that festival over the years. Mile Twelve will be playing some libraries as part of that festival. I have also some schools organised, also a house concert - of course, these are not open to the public.

They have a CD [above], which has original and classic material. Even though they are all in their twenties, they have a great sound and have been described as a fresh voice in bluegrass. Great arrangements with a definite bluegrass sound. I have also been told that they are very enthusiastic. What more can be said?

One other thing: they are graduates of Berklee School of Music. Also Catherine 'BB' Bowness [left], the banjo player, played as a teenager with Long Road Home, Martin Gilmore's bluegrass band. The bluegrass world is a small place.

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At 10:19 am, Blogger Tom Weekes said...

They played at the Coastguard in Tramore last night (22/04/2016) and they were really super. As were the support act of Gerry Madden, Ger & Derroll McGrath. By the way, Gerry's CD is wonderful.


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