28 March 2016

Learn 5-string banjo at Andersonstown Music School!

Thanks to Tony Curran, longtime stalwart of the bluegrass scene in Ulster, for the news that the Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School (ATCMS) in Belfast offers instruction in 5-string banjo among its many instrumental and vocal programmes.

The 5-string course is taught by Tony, one of the most experienced 5-string players in the north, who has stood in for Howard Walker both as instructor at the monthly DanGem Bluegrass Get-Togethers in Lisburn and as banjo-player for the Down and Out Bluegrass Band.

Tony sends these images from the latest ATCMS brochure, which can also be downloaded as a PDF document. More details can be seen on the ATCMS website and Facebook. He adds: 'To the best of my knowledge, this is the only music school in Northern Ireland to offer tuition on 5-string banjo.'

The BIB applauds Tony, and hopes the ATCMS will receive the support it deserves for offering this course.

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