12 February 2016

Celebrating the Great Colorado Invasion

John Nyhan, Jeff Scroggins, Martin Gilmore (photo: Des Butler)

John Nyhan sends this message:

On behalf of Jeff Scroggins & Colorado and Martin Gilmore & Nick Amodeo, I would like to thank all the promoters of all the venues where they played.

The tour of Jeff Scroggins & Colorado could not have gone better - huge crowds everywhere they played. The response they got from audiences everywhere was amazing. Martin Gilmore & Nick Amodeo also received a great response.

What a treat it was for lovers of bluegrass and country music in Ireland. Jeff & Co., Martin, and Nick had a wonderful time and cannot wait to return. Looking forward to another Colorado Invasion!

John asks for these thanks to be posted on the BIB to all concerned from himself, Jeff, Tristan, Greg, Ellie, Isaac, Martin, and Nick. We're sure that all who saw and heard these artists wish to thank them and John.

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