09 February 2016

Anniversaries in 2016 from the Bluegrass Hall of Fame

The BIB editor writes:

In September this year it will be twenty years since the death of Bill Monroe; three months later, it will be fifty years since the death of Carter Stanley. Go to the website of the International Bluegrass Music Museum: the first image you see will be of these two giant figures of bluegrass history, singing together.

A year ago the BIB drew attention to a new publication chronicling the pioneers of bluegrass music, to whom the International Bluegrass Music Association has given its highest award: The Bluegrass Hall of Fame: inductee biographies 1991-2014, by Fred Bartenstein, Gary Reid, and others. Fourteen members of the pantheon, who either were born or died one or more decades ago, are listed below. The biographies of those marked with an asterisk can be read on the International Bluegrass Music Museum website; other biographies are in process of being added. Even if you have the book, it is worth looking up the website for the different choice of photos there.

*Robert Russell 'Chubby' Wise, 6 Jan. 1996
Ann Louise Certain Scruggs, 2 Feb. 2006
*Charles Keith Wolfe, 9 Feb. 2006
*William Smith 'Bill' Monroe, 9 Sept. 1996
*Burkett Howard 'Josh'/'Buck' Graves, 30 Sept. 2006
*Don Stover, 11 Nov. 1996
*Bill Vernon, 20 Nov. 1996
*Carter Glen Stanley, 1 Dec. 1966
*John Humbird Duffey, 10 Dec. 1996

Ray Elwood Goins (Lonesome Pine Fiddlers), 3 Jan. 1936
*Donald Wesley 'Don' Reno, 21 Feb. 1926
*Nannie Omega 'Miggie' Lewis (Lewis Family), 22 May 1926
*Carl Moore Story, 29 May 1916
*Kenneth Clayton 'Kenny' Baker, 26 June 1926

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