14 December 2015

Quote of the month

I think old-time music has changed over the years, but let me start with how it's the same. This is important. It's the same in that it's still a kind of music that prizes intimacy. And I think that's really, down deep, the base of old-time music. It's about intimate sharing of music with others. The jam is really the key thing. Concerts and CDs are fine, but finally, the jam is what defines old-time music. Because old-time music is about intimate groups of people making music together, and that seems to me to be the same as it was as I encountered it from the old-timers in the '60s.

Alan Jabbour, in a Dec. 2014 interview by Brian Lockman, published in the current issue (xiv, no. 2) of The Old-Time Herald

The BIB editor adds:

The whole interview is worth quoting. Nearly two years ago the BIB described the joint CD Southern summits by Alan Jabbour and Ken Perlman as 'an exemplary collection of fiddle-and-banjo duets on twenty-three fine tunes - a real listening pleasure'. Their following album, You can't beat the classics, with Jim Watson on guitar, was released early this year.

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