12 November 2015

What have Red Wine been up to?

Bluegrass Today reports that 'our favourite bluegrass winos',* Red Wine from Genoa in northern Italy, held their very successful 7th Bluegrass Party last Saturday (7 Nov.) before a packed house at the Teatro della Tosse in their home city.

The Party was designed to show the various musical strands that have gone to make up bluegrass and contribute to its further development. Extra instruments played by guest artists included not just dobro (Henrich Novak) and fiddle (Jiří 'George' Králík) but diatonic organet and flute, with a horns section and a tap dancer.

Read more, including a message from Martino Coppo, in the Bluegrass Today feature. More photos of the Party (including this view of the audience from the stage, below) are on the band's Facebook.

*Ours, too.

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