06 November 2015

Urgent for festival organisers!

The November issue of Bluegrass Unlimited, the mother of all bluegrass magazines, hasn't reached us yet, but we expect it to include an ad asking festival organisers to send in details of their event, for inclusion in the Jan. 2016 issue with the latest version of the annual register of festivals.

For all we know, the deadline may be already past; last year it was 3 Nov., but in former years it wasn't quite so early. Some of our main festival organisers will have already sent details of their 2016 event to BU in any case - especially if they've acted on the BIB post of 23 Oct. about sending similar news to the EBMA and BBMA. However, even late entries are likely to be included in BU's supplementary lists in Feb. or Mar. next year.

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