14 November 2015

The Bluegrass Patriots - playing THIS WEEKEND!

(L-r) Danny Rogers, Dan Mitchell, Willie McDonald,
Ken Seaman, Glenn Zankey

Not in Ireland, unfortunately, but it's still good news. Thanks to the Prescription Bluegrass Blog (PBB) for news of the Bluegrass Patriots, one of the most distinguished Colorado bands, with many friends and fans in Ireland.

The Patriots (thanks to Gerry Madden of Waterford) were headliners at the very first Dunmore East bluegrass festival back in 1995 and played many shows in Ireland since then, the last being in July 2009 when they played at the Athy and Ardara festivals and several other dates. In 2011 they officially retired as a band, but - as Ken Seaman has told the PBB - they never ruled out reunions; have been playing three to five such shows a year since the beginning of 2013; and are on the bill this very weekend at a bluegrass festival in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Read the full PBB story, which ends on a tantalising note: 'Try to catch them if you can somewhere between California and Ireland.' Does that mean...?

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