21 November 2015

The BIB is ten years old today

The BIB editor writes:

On 21 November 2005 the Bluegrass Ireland Blog (BIB) was revealed to an astonished world. For the first time bands, event organisers, and anyone else in the bluegrass and old-time communities in this island could have news made available to anyone online, anywhere in the world, nearly as soon as it reached me. I'm glad of this new opportunity to thank Alice Toner for building this house and Eamonn Quigley for his cordial assistance, without which the BIB might never have existed.

Since that date, communications systems have vastly developed. Formerly, very few bands here had even a promo pack to post out; most now have a website and/or Facebook, and some are on ReverbNation, YouTube, and Twitter. With such resources a band can at once make its news known to the world, and anyone who already knows of it can at once find out what it's doing. The BIB still aspires to give the reader a wider picture of what's happening across the scene.

The picture it gives is necessarily very incomplete: masses of information are out there, and what the BIB handles is only a small part. To remedy that slightly, a list of bands, with links to websites and Facebooks, should soon be published.* If the two words 'bluegrass' and 'Ireland' are Googled, the BIB - limited as it is - comes up first, and it will keep trying to deserve that position.

Update 25 Nov.: The comment below by our distinguished contemporary the Prescription Bluegrass Blog is specially welcome and appreciated.

*Update 5 Oct. 2016: A list of bands was added to the right-hand sidebar of the BIB earlier this year, and has been amended and supplemented since then.

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Congratulations on a job well done!


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