24 November 2015

High-altitude bluegrass from the Rocky Mountains, Jan.-Feb. 2015

L-r: Greg Blake, Jeff Scroggins, Tristan Scroggins

Readers of the last Thursday's BIB post on the next Shannonside Winter Music Festival in January will have seen that the bluegrass part of the lineup includes two US groups who helped to make May 2015 the mensis mirabilis for fans over here, both of them from the state of Colorado - Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (above) and Martin Gilmore and Nick Amodeo. Both groups enjoyed their time here and were keen to come back for more.

Thanks to the indispensable John Nyhan: first, for correcting an important point in our earlier post. The main bluegrass concert of the festival, on Sunday 24 January featuring both groups, is in Durty Nelly's, Bunratty, Co. Clare, at 3.00 p.m., not 5.00 p.m. as formerly printed.

Secondly, thanks to John's efforts, both groups will be touring in Ireland for the two weeks after the festival, and appearing together in a couple of shows. Arrangements for the tours are nearly complete, and John will send full details when all is finalised. He adds: 'I can only describe the upcoming visit of these musicians as High Altitude Bluegrass from the Rocky Mountains. What a treat it will be for bluegrass fans!'

The Martin Gilmore Trio that toured here in May: (l-r) Ian Haegele (bass, vocals), Martin Gilmore (guitar, banjo, vocals), Nick Amodeo (mandolin, guitar, vocals)

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