22 November 2015

Forty years now...

Going back further than the foundation of the BIB: it was almost exactly forty years ago that the Sackville String Band began playing in public. Thanks again to Niall Toner for this photo (almost certainly taken by Niall's wife Moira) of the band at its second public appearance, in the basement of Hartigan's in Leeson Street, Dublin, early in December 1975.

As noted when this photo first appeared on the BIB nearly five years ago, it shows your editor with his Jedson 6006 'Symphonic' with tunnel 5th string, and Niall with his recently acquired 'The Gibson' A-model mandolin. The banjo just visible behind them is almost certainly being played by Mick Daly. Hairstyles are moderate by the standards of that time.

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