07 October 2015

Special C. in Bluegrass Unlimited

Following the BIB's post of 30 September, the October 2015 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited has the current lineup of the Special Consensus on the cover, a full-page ad for Peterson tuners featuring the band, and a major feature by Nancy Cardwell, former IBMA executive director, commemorating the forty years of its existence.

A list of all the regular members of the Special C. since 1975 is given: sixteen guitar players, fifteen mandolin players, twelve bass players, two fiddlers, and one banjo player. The list includes Clem O'Brien, who was guitarist and lead singer with the band during 1997. The full text of the article can be read here.
The same issue of BU contains a three-page article by Steve Chilcott on Flats & Sharps, the high-powered young British band who headlined the Saturday night concert at this year's Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival.

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