17 October 2015

More comment on Omagh 2015

As the question of conditions at one of our major festivals (and Omagh is, we believe, the largest paying-in bluegrass festival in Europe) is an important one, the BIB is giving more prominence to comments arising out of Des Butler's report on this autumn's Omagh and Bunratty festivals. Yesterday Colin Henry wrote:

I had the great fortune to play in two different bands at Omagh this year, and I have been attending Omagh since 1992. I know that funding constraints were an issue this time, but I have to say that I thought the whole festival was as good as it always is. Yes, there were changes, but not such that were a detriment to the weekend. I do agree that as regards the concert marquee things might have been difficult if the weather had been bad. Some extra thought may need to be given to that.

This morning (Sat.) Des replied:

I have no doubt that all the musicians enjoyed themselves, as we enjoyed most of the music. My problem is that as patrons of the Folk Park we paid £70 stg between us (£130 stg last year), as any other patron did who bought weekend passes, and there wasn't enough seating to sit and enjoy the music or indeed a coffee or a bun bar; you brought your own seat, and at times one would be hard pressed to find a space for it at the concerts. Neither was there adequate protection from the elements even at the main concerts. I think that the entrance fee should entitle one to at least a modicum of comfort. I don't expect the Albert Hall, just basic stuff.



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