06 October 2015

Milan Miller: a songwriter's progress

Following the BIB post on Sunday about the forthcoming visit by bluegrass singer/ songwriter Milan Miller (left), thanks to Richard Thompson for this link to his interview of Milan Miller, published fourteen months ago on Bluegrass Today. It's a detailed account of the development of a songwriter from an early age - when

... my initial reason for trying to write songs was probably out of necessity. I couldn’t play guitar well enough to play the songs that my favorite singers were doing, so I just made up my own

- through college years in Boone, NC, when Doc Watson and Tony Rice were strong influences, to the present, when his songs are nominated for IBMA Song of the Year awards and recorded by such award-winning bands as Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out and Balsam Range. The interview includes IIIrd Tyme Out's video of Miller's song 'Pretty little girl from Galax', which can also be seen on YouTube.
Thanks also to Melanie Miller for more news of the week-long visit:

We arrive Cobh on Monday 26 October so that will be a night of craic at the Roaring Donkey for sure (as will every night). Wednesdays are usually trad nights at the Roaring Donkey so everyone will be sitting in.

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