18 October 2015

Brookfield Knights artists touring in the next twelve months

To event organisers: the UK agency Brookfield Knights (also on Facebook) has organised many tours in these islands for transatlantic acts. Their website lists many that are due to tour between now and November 2016. Below (in chronological order) are the names of those acts that are offered for dates in Ireland and may be of interest to BIB readers. The net we've cast is pretty wide and loose; but it is still possible that among those we haven't shown are some that might suit your event or venue, so look at the full list on the BK website.

Jenny Ritter (with band); dates available: 20 Jan.-14 Feb. 2016

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys; dates available: 3-13 Feb. 2016

Woody Pines; dates available: 2-27 Mar. 2016

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards; dates available: 15 Apr.- 11 May 2016

Russell deCarle, Steve Briggs & Denis Keldie; dates available: 21 Apr.-15 May 2016

Hillfolk Noir; dates available: 8-31 July 2016

10 String Symphony; dates available: 15-31 July 2016

The Hot Seats; dates available: 11-29 Aug. 2016

Furnace Mountain; dates available: 18 Oct.-1 Nov. 2016

The Crooked Brothers; dates available: 3-13 Nov. 2016

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