05 October 2015

A welcome message from Bluedust (I)

The BIB announced earlier this year that the headliners for the Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival (25-7 Sept.) in Scotland would be Bluedust from Milan, Italy. Your editor greatly enjoyed seeing and hearing them at the European World of Bluegrass Festival (EWOB) in the Netherlands two years ago. We're glad, therefore, to hear from Josh Villa, Bluedust's mandolinist, who writes:

The festival of Moniaive in Scotland was a very positive event for us, musically and humanly. We found we had a great feeling with the people of Scotland and everyone enjoyed our show. Sorry! we didn't come in Ireland, but we hope to do so soon. Playing in Ireland is our next dream.

I personally have made my honeymoon in Ireland and since that day I have always thought of returning with Bluedust. If anyone is interested in one of our tours or our participation in some Irish festivals and can help us to organise it or report our band to some organiser, contact us through our website or by e-mail. I think that the meeting with the people of Ireland will be a blast.

Josh adds that the band has grown since EWOB 2013:

We did more than 70 concerts in Italy and around Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France, Scotland...) We hope to see you soon in Ireland! A warm greeting to all the friends of the blog and the many Irish who came to listen to Bluedust in Moniaive.

The BIB cordially reciprocates! Bluedust consists of Perry Meroni (guitar, lead vocals), Dino Barbè (banjo), Josh Villa (mandolin, vocals), Tony Spezzano (guitar, vocals), and Marco 'Fisherman' Centemeri (double bass, vocals), and they're a solid, driving band whose music comes from Flatt & Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Jim & Jesse, Jimmy Martin, and others of the founding generation of bluegrass. Plenty of videos from their shows are on their website.

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