23 September 2015

AP Toman Twintone banjos: part 4

Thanks to Jonathan Toman for this news of the latest instrument in the series:

The fourth current banjo model was commissioned by Peter. Currently in construction is an 'AP Toman Granada' model, inspired by the famous Jack Cozart Gibson Granada prewar flathead banjo [9530-4 - one digit before Wade Mainer's Granada]. Check out the Earnestbanjo.com website - you'll see this banjo!

Patsy Toman turning the maple pot
for the new Granada model, 17 Sept.
The 'AP Toman Granada' features:

*All high-quality gold-plated hardware sourced in the US to match that of current USA Mastertone-style banjos
*Hand-built rock maple block rim
*Steve Huber gold-plated Vintage style tone ring
*Neck and resonator to match spec. of Jack Cozart Gibson prewar model; hand-made by Robin Smith of Heartland Banjos, Hendersonville, TN

Patsy hand-builds the rims and sources all high-quality metal parts to construct and finish the banjos off. All final banjo setup, head tuning, and neck sets are done by Patsy in his home workshop in Lurgan.

Left, the stained and finished block-built rock maple pot with gold-plated tone ring; centre, the pot with flange, stretcher band, and hooks installed; right, the full pot assembly with resonator

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