20 September 2015

AP Toman Twintone banjos: part 1

In the post on Northern Exposure a few days ago, the BIB mentioned that 'Patsy and Pete [Toman] are also producing banjos of outstanding quality'. Details and photos of these instruments are now available, thanks to Pete's son Jonathan, who explains:

To date my uncle Patsy has built and set up between twenty and thirty banjos, including tenor, open-back, and long-neck models, using various hand-made rims and classic banjo designs, using outsourced hardware and high-quality parts. Patsy's being from an engineering background and banjo-building seemed to go hand-in-hand, as it's a mechanical instrument.

... There are a few special banjos among these with the 'AP Toman Twintone' name attached [see photo above]. The first three were made in honour of my grandfather Arthur Patrick Toman, who played and collected banjos all his life.

The 'Twintone' on the neck block [right] is named after Patsy and Peter Toman being twins - it was an obvious choice!

More about these banjos, and how they came to be built, will be appearing on the BIB over the next few days.

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