29 August 2015

These Dutch photographers get in everywhere

The BIB editor writes:

No, this isn't a direct continuation of yesterday's BIB post about the book High lonesome below sea level, with its Layar-linked photographs by Marieke Odekerken - it alludes to a post yesterday on Bluegrass Today, where a music video is illustrated by images compiled by Theo 'Ted' van Trier (who is, admittedly, featured on pp 24-5 of the book).

The music in the video (also on YouTube) is 'Sail away ladies' from the new CD The red fiddle & the silver banjo: the long form by Brian Godchaux and Sandy Rothman. The role Earl Scruggs devised for the banjo to play with a fiddle - not duplicating but complementing the melody, as the sound of the banjo complements the sound of the fiddle - seems to me one of his supreme achievements; and this combination, whether in duet or in a band context, is one of my favourite aspects of bluegrass music. The CD is subtitled 'The long form' because a dozen classic tunes are played in duet for lengths of time that would be common in old-time jams - four to six minutes or more, with developments and variations. The result is certainly a treat for me, and should be for anyone who enjoys the fine duet albums recorded by Johnny Warren and Charlie Cushman in the direct Earl Scruggs-Paul Warren tradition.

More videos, showing Godchaux and Rothman playing tunes on the album (and others), are on their website. Oh, yes; there is a further connection with High lonesome below sea level - Sandy Rothman contributed the foreword to it.

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