18 August 2015

'Hard Rock City' from Stefan Behler (correction)

Thanks to Stefan Behler in Switzerland for news of his new CD, Woanders & Elsewhere ('Woanders' is the German for 'Elsewhere'). Stefan was in Ireland in June, playing guitar and mandolin as a member of the trio Mala & Fyrmoon at the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival and other locations.

Stefan has just posted on Facebook and YouTube a preview of track no. 4 on his album, 'Hard Rock City', a song that came to him at the Hard Rock Café in Copenhagen, Denmark - though he stresses that Copenhagen is nothing like the hard city described in the song. He also calls the style 'grassy folk' rather than bluegrass; but it's not hard to imagine the song being played by - for instance - the Del McCoury Band.

The track features Stefan (lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass), Martin Burza (fiddle), Mark Lavengood (dobro), and Stefan's bandmates in Mala & Fyrmoon, Mala Gassmann and Vincent Zurkinden, on harmony vocals. The album, which was financed by a 'crowd funding' campaign, is due for release in November 2015. More details are on Stefan's Facebook.

Correction (18 Aug.): When this post first appeared yesterday, we mistakenly stated: 'Last month, back in Switzerland, he was playing in concert with Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley.' The concert will in fact take place on 1 November. Stefan writes: 'It's my CD release in the first part, and a concert by Dale Ann and Steve in the second part. Mala and Dale Ann will also sing a song together.' Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley are both featured in the current issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.

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