21 July 2015

Danilo Cartia interviewed

Thanks to the European Bluegrass Music Association Facebook for news of a major interview with Italian pioneer bluegrass musician Danilo Cartia. The full interview, with Danilo giving his views on the importance of roots music, can be read here.

As banjoist, guitarist, singer, bandleader, and event organiser, Danilo has been foremost in bringing bluegrass music to wider audiences in Rome and the surrounding areas of Italy. As well as playing in several different contexts and musical combinations, he organises the monthly Rome Bluegrass Jam and the annual Bluegrass Meeting at Sarzana (part of the Acoustic Guitar Meeting).

Danilo and his partner in music and life Letizia Sampaolo (guitar, autoharp, vocals) visited Ireland last month to enjoy the Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, where they had a long Saturday evening jam in McGing's with Galway's Old Town Rounders. The photo above, from the Rounders' Facebook, shows Danilo (playing the BIB editor's banjo), and Letizia at centre rear.

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