27 June 2015

We Dig Roots! relaunches on a global scale

Eamonn Doyle drew his We Dig Roots! agency to the BIB's attention back in March 2014, when the Niall Toner Band, the Down and Out Bluegrass Band, and Rackhouse Pilfer were already on its books. Thanks to Wendy Connolly and 'Bluegrass in Ireland' for passing on news from Brian McNeal's Prescription Bluegrass Blog that We Dig Roots! is being relaunched with a greatly enhanced scope and a powerful directing team.

In addition to Eamonn Doyle, the new team includes Niall Toner, as consultant and network developer in the global roots scene; Johnny Lappin, music publisher and board member of IMRO, as Irish and international music industry consultant; Sean Mythen (business and legal affairs consultant); Jonathon O'Hanlon (customer liaison team); John Murphy, musician and event organiser (in charge of website and social media activity, bookings, and contracts); Basia Dunio, graphic design director (in charge of WDR's global brand identity); and Richie Cotter, event organiser (customer liaison team).

The official local launch will take place during the interval of the Niall Toner Band show during the Strawberry, Culture, & Food Fest in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, on Sunday 28 June. The show starts at 4.00 p.m. in the Bailey. An international launch is planned for later this year, when WDR will have an e-commerce website operating. The feature on the Prescription Bluegrass Blog says:

WDR is a growing booking agency for all Irish artists working in any roots music styles. They are creating an employment agency for all Irish part-time musicians. This will allow musicians to continue to work part-time in music and be revenue compliant but also retain access to social welfare payments for the days they are not working.

Also, in the near future they plan to have a full online store selling Irish roots music and merchandise to the world, with a particular focus on the Irish diaspora.

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