11 June 2015

The Hot Seats - due back in July/ Aug. 2016

Thanks to Loudon Temple of the UK's Brookfield Knights agency for the news that the Hot Seats from Virginia, who played three shows in Ireland last August as part of a three-week tour in these islands, have just ended another tour in Britain which included the Orkney Folk Festival. Loudon offers this link to a podcast of a studio session they recorded for BBC Radio 3's 'World on 3'; unfortunately, it seems to be unavailable for listeners outside the UK, but plenty of the Hot Seats can be seen and heard on YouTube. He also adds, for promoters and event organisers:

The band will be back over again in July/ August next year. Do let us know if you think your audience might benefit from a tonic as good as this!

Contact Loudon by e-mail.

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