02 June 2015

Thank you, John!

John Nyhan (photo: Cork City Libraries Blog)

When musicians from abroad ask the BIB about playing in Ireland, the first person we advise them to contact is always John Nyhan of Co. Cork, whose energy, resourcefulness, and knowledge of the music seem to be inexhaustible. Consequently we're happy to receive this message from Neil O'Rahilly, and agree unreservedly with his sentiments:

I felt compelled to e-mail the Bluegrass Blog and 'Bluegrass in Ireland' to say what a wonderful month of bluegrass music we had here in the South in May. This was all thanks to the efforts of John Nyhan.

It began with the superb Martin Gilmore Trio, and the highlight for myself was the Petersens and Jeff Scroggins & Colorado concert in my home village of Innishannon, Co. Cork. This concert being at least the equal of anything we had seen before. All this, together with top-quality local bands, made it a remarkable month which we are unlikely to see again.

Thank you, John.

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