03 June 2015

Jens Kruger speaks

Earlier this year the BIB passed on news from Bluegrass Today that Bud Bennett of Radford University, Virginia, had put online hours of invaluable video footage of two outstanding banjo players, Butch Robins and Sammy Shelor, talking about the music and their relationship with it.

We're delighted to learn from Bluegrass Today that Bud Bennett has now added two-and-a-half hours of the phenomenal Jens Kruger (above) talking about his life and music. Of the two videos so far published, the first covers the years up to his late teens, including working as a street musician ('the best time of my life'); the second begins with his first trip to the USA and covers his close relationships with Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, and the Deering banjo makers, and much more besides.

If you're not already searching for this on the internet, read what John Lawless says on Bluegrass Today (sample: 'Any student or lover of the five string will want to watch every moment of these videos, as will anyone who is drawn to peer into the mind of a serious musician and composer'). Then read Bud Bennett's introduction here, where there are also the links to the two videos.

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