30 June 2015

Dermot O'Connor

On 16 April the BIB published news of Dermot O'Connor (left). Dermot, a member of several highly talented and popular bands in Ireland and abroad from the 1970s onward, had decided against further treatment for a life-threatening condition which he had endured for the previous year. In this situation, Dermot remained determined to make the most of life; and as well as achieving this in other ways, he invited friends to join him in a picking session at his home in northern Italy in April.

Dermot's wife Sheena now sends the following message:

I'm really sorry to give you the sad news that my beloved Dermot passed away on 29 May. April 18 was a humdinger with about 25 musicians and on 12 June we planted a pomegranate tree in our garden and celebrated his life with lots of wonderful music. He holds a special place in so many people's hearts and will be a part of me forever.

The BIB's condolences go to Sheena, together with our admiration at the spirit with which she and Dermot confronted the challenge.



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