18 May 2015

Coming our way

After the fairly serious piece the BIB published yesterday about the European World of Bluegrass Festival, we're glad to be able to refer our readers to the EWOB Facebook page, where there are plenty of photos by Ton and Ali Dentinger and other items to show us how enjoyable last week's event was.

The latter include a video from the RTV Slingeland YouTube channel, showing Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, one of the two US bands who will be in Ireland this week, playing 'Love please come home'. The photo above, taken during the band's set on the EWOB stage, shows Jeff (right) and his son Tristan (centre).

The other US group, a trio of the younger members of The Petersens, will be playing - both on their own and in conjunction with Jeff Scroggins & Colorado - a series of shows in southern Ireland between now and Saturday. Dates (thanks to John Nyhan) are on the BIB calendar.
The European Bluegrass Blog has published this feature on The Railsplitters (USA) (see the BIB for 6 May), who will be touring in Ireland a month from now. The feature includes a video of the band playing 'My world'.

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