25 April 2015

Tex Logan, 1927-2015

We learn with great regret of the death yesterday (24 Apr.) of Benjamin Franklin Logan, jr, known in the bluegrass world as 'Tex' from his native state, who achieved distinction both as a widely respected fiddler and as a Ph.D. in the research field of electrical engineering. A brief summary of his career is on Wikipedia; BIB readers are strongly recommended to follow up the links to references 2 and 3 in that article. A fuller account of his life will appear soon on Bluegrass Today.*

The picture above, showing Tex with Bill Monroe, is the cover image for a recording of them on YouTube, playing 'Katy Hill' together in 1969.

Update 28 Apr.: Fred Bartenstein forwards from Tex Logan's daughter Jody the news that a memorial service for her father will be held on Thursday 30 April from 4.00 to 7.00 p.m. at Madison Memorial Home, 159 Main St., Madison, NJ. Anyone who can't come and would like something to be read should send it by e-mail. A musical celebration will follow: 7.00-12.00 p.m. at the North Star Club, 95 North St., Madison.

*This has now appeared: Richard Thompson's 'Tex Logan remembered'.

Further update, 8 May: Video footage of the memorial service and musical celebration can now be seen on Bluegrass Today.

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