11 April 2015

Frankie Lane and Paul Kelly at the DC Music Club, 24 Apr. 2015

Thanks to Paul Lee for the news that among forthcoming Musiclee.ie shows, in two weeks' time Frankie Lane (guitar, dobro) and Paul Kelly (fiddle, mandolin) will be playing at the DC Music Club, 20 Camden Row, Dublin 2, on Friday 24 Apr., starting at 9.00 p.m. Tickets are €15 (€13 if booked in advance). The Musiclee.ie blurb reads, with impressive truthfulness:

They are one of the best-known duos touring in Ireland for many years. Traditional tunes and songs, American Folk, Western Swing, Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, and anything else that pops up. Entertaining and talented. It's just not fair. (As for looks, well, you can't have everything.)

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