14 April 2015

Concert lineup for Athy 2015

The Athy Bluegrass Festival Facebook publishes this image of the lineup for concerts at this year's festival (10-12 July), the twenty-fifth in the series. It's a truly international lineup as well as being a pretty high-powered one, with 4 Wheel Drive (NL/D/B), the top bluegrass talent in Europe in one perfectly coordinated package; the Patuxent Partners (USA), from one of the historic hotbeds of bluegrass in the Mother Country; The Plough, from Sydney, Australia; and from Ireland, KingBlue and the host band, Woodbine.

More details of the weekend will be announced. A video of the Patuxent Partners in action can be viewed here on the festival Facebook, and also on YouTube. The 25th Athy Bluegrass Festival will be held at the GAA Centre, Dublin Road, Athy, Co. Kildare.

PS: A 28-minute TV set that the Patuxent Partners played two and a half years ago can be seen here; they were in fine form, and the cameras caught the individual members well.

PPS: While you're on the web, look up the YouTube channel of Jürgen Biller, 4WD's banjo maestro - plenty of hardcore bluegrass there, including several videos of Jürgen's earlier band, Helmut & the Hillbillies.

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