02 April 2015

Bog Standard Stringband at the Folk Park, Omagh, over Easter

L-r: Derek Copley, Ben Keogh, Tim Rogers, Aisling Conway Keogh (photo: Des Butler)

Thanks again to Sharon Loughrin, who spotted on the Ulster American Folk Park's Facebook page that the Bog Standard Stringband will be playing in the Park's Pennsylvania Log Barn at 2.00 and 4.00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday as part of the Easter weekend celebrations. Sharon adds:

I know you featured the band lineup on the BIB a while back, so you know the pedigree's good!

Couldn't be better! On 4 Sept. 2014 the BIB published a preview of the 2nd Bunratty Banjo Pickers Festival, in which we called the Bog Standard Stringband

a misleading name for Tim Rogers and Ben Keogh of the old Rough Deal Stringband, combined with Derek Copley and Aisling Conway Keogh of the Greasy Coat Stringband.

The photo above, showing them at a Bunratty outdoor session, appeared on the BIB on 1 Oct. 2014 as part of Des Butler's report on the Festival.

Update 7 Apr.: a nice photo by John Watson of the band playing in the Log Barn appeared on the Red Room Facebook on Sunday.

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