17 April 2015

Belle election!

No, that's not a message from the French electorate to their counterparts in the UK; but it similarly relates to next month, when the April Verch Band (CAN) will be back in Ireland for a tour beginning at Carrick-on-Shannon on 6 May. Dates are on the BIB calendar.

'Belle election' is an instrumental track from the band's new album The Newpart, released ten days ago (7 April). There's also a video to go with it, which you can see on Bluegrass Today - or on YouTube, where April also has a trio of videos on the making of the album.

As Bluegrass Today says, the 'Belle election' video 'combines all the familiar elements of a Verch performance: tasty fiddle and precision step-dancing along with her giant smile and close-cropped ginger coif'.

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