25 March 2015

Dublin-born chairman for new EBMA board

EBMA board members: (l-r) Richard Cifersky, Susie Bowe, Stu Vincent, Eugene O'Brien

The European Bluegrass Blog announced yesterday the composition of the new board of directors of the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) and an outline of plans for the EBMA's future progress. The new chairman of the board is Eugene O'Brien (shown above), born in Dublin and resident in Brussels, where he is the banjo-player for the highly regarded Sons of Navarone band, who tour frequently in Britain. Eugene is also a member of the BBMA and is its new international representative, which fits in with the EBMA's plans for closer links with national bluegrass associations in Europe.

Susie Bowe (also shown above) was mentioned in the BIB's recent 'Westport connection' post. More about the new board and the EBMA's plans is on the European Bluegrass Blog, the EBMA Facebook, and Bluegrass Today.

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