15 March 2015

Brookfield Knights would like to know...

L-r: Denis Keldie, Russell deCarle, Steve Briggs

... whether Irish promoters and event organisers would be interested in booking Russell deCarle (CAN) and his trio for a tour a year from now. DeCarle is also a member of the award-winning Canadian country band Prairie Oyster. Loudon Temple of the UK roots music agency Brookfield Knights (which sends many visiting bands over here) has been bowled over by seeing the trio live, and sends this video link of a sample performance.

As you can see from Denis Keldie's accordion, this is not bluegrass as it has been known since Sally Ann Forrester left Bill Monroe's band in the 1940s. However, though Loudon uses 'rock ā€˜nā€™ roll', 'gypsy jazz', and 'R&B' to describe deCarle's musical influences, the song in the video is to the tune of 'The State of Arkansaw' (possibly 19th-century and of Irish origin - see here). Loudon, who can be contacted via the agency, writes:

Ideally, I am looking for a week in Scotland, two weeks in England/Wales, and a week in Ireland... I need to call on you to give serious consideration to supporting this proposal and provide any indication that you would be happy to provide a slot on your programme next year (spring, 2016). I am really just trying to judge what reaction would be...

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