25 March 2015

Belfast Bluegrass - next session 7 Apr. 2015

Richard Leeman, organiser of the monthly Belfast Bluegrass sessions (and also guitar player and lead singer of the Down and Out Bluegrass Band), announces that the next Belfast Bluegrass session will be on Tuesday 7 April. The BIB reprints below, at its own discretion, the following introduction that Richard put on the Belfast Bluegrass Facebook page last month:

It's over four years now since our first session in December 2010 and since then our number of 'likes' on Facebook has grown steadily to over 300 of you! I think however that there might be some people out there who are interested in coming along but haven't made it yet, and this post is for you.

The session always takes place on the first Tuesday of the month, upstairs in the Errigle Inn, Belfast, starting around 9.00 p.m. If you play a 'bluegrass' instrument - acoustic guitar, 5-string banjo, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, dobro - if you sing, or if you just want to listen and enjoy the music, the session is for you. It is not a closed group of musicians. The atmosphere is always friendly and you will be made to feel very welcome.

Maybe you've been playing music for years. Maybe you got a new instrument for Christmas and are taking your first steps. Whatever your level of ability, the session is for you. There is always something to be learned from other musicians, not to mention the fun and enjoyment of playing music together.

Some people might be nervous of playing in front of others. Well, we all were once. Everyone progresses at their own speed and no-one is ever put under pressure to perform if they're not comfortable. But maybe after a couple of sessions that will start to change. And who knows where that journey could take you?

So maybe this post is making sense to you, if you've been thinking of getting out of the house and playing some music. Or maybe it's not you, maybe it's your husband or wife, son or daughter, friend - whoever. Please share this post and tell them about the session. You will all be very welcome and I hope to see you there soon.

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