17 March 2015

Appropriate for St Patrick's day

The European Bluegrass Music Association Facebook printed today a post from US musician and songwriter Steve Spurgin with a photo of his copyright certificate as composer of the words and music of 'A walk in the Irish rain'. He adds:

OK, here's the copyright. Forget (not really) all the multiple thousands of $$$ in royalties I've lost. Can I PLEASE just have credit for writing my own song? 'Composer unknown'?... NOT.

This coincides with an intense correspondence in the past week among alumni of the IBMA's Leadership Bluegrass (LBG) course, on the need for performers, DJs, broadcasters, record companies, writers of sleeve notes, posters of YouTube videos and other fans - everyone involved with music - to give proper recognition to songwriters and composers. That song didn't just come out of the air or from whomever you happened to hear performing it.

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