23 March 2015

A special new album from Cedar Hill

The many friends and fans that Cedar Hill (USA) have made in this island, from their appearances at several Appalachian and Bluegrass Music Festivals at Omagh, Co. Tyrone, and other venues, will be grateful to Richard Thompson for his latest article on Bluegrass Today: 'Cedar Hill - Miss Dixie, Tom T, and me'.

In the article Frank Ray (photo), who fronts Cedar Hill, describes in detail the experience of working with Tom T. Hall and his wife Dixie (who died earlier this year) in preparing an album of their songs to be recorded by Cedar Hill. Frank explains:

I did not contribute to the writing other than a couple changed lines here and there. The exciting contribution for me and Cedar Hill was bringing these wonderful songs to life through the arrangements and production.

The album Miss Dixie, Tom T & me (BCR 042) is released today (23 March 2015) on the Halls' label, Blue Circle Records. The ten songs include 'I'll not stand in your way', which is probably Miss Dixie's last solo composition. Richard remarks:

I have never been disappointed by a Cedar Hill album and this new one promises much.

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