06 January 2015

New Niall Toner CD - a preview

The Prescription Bluegrass Blog published yesterday (Mon. 5 Jan.) details of Working on love, the new Niall Toner album, which is due for release in the US on 14 Feb. 2015.

The choice of St Valentine's day as a release date is appropriate for what is 'basically an album of love songs'. Some of the song titles will be familiar from Niall's earlier releases, but all of these were re-recorded in Nashville with a stellar group of musicians (for details, see the BIB for 13/14 Oct. 2014), and in at least one case with significant development. About 'Bill Monroe's mandolin', Niall says:

I first recorded this song in 2001, but I always harboured an ambition to re-cut it in a more 'story-telling' version, so here it is!

New ground has also been explored, with 'The people wondered' being given an a cappella treatment in shape-note style. Niall concludes:

I hope that there's something here for everyone. Working on love will be made available in as many formats as one could desire. Hard copy CDs in the shops and at our live shows, iTunes, Amazon.com, and from our website.

Sleeve notes for the album, including full lyrics of all the songs, are also on the website.

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