01 January 2015

'Bluegrass in Ireland'

As Facebook users already know, the year 2014 ended with some very bad news: Ray O'Brien has come reluctantly to the conclusion that under the pressure of other commitments he cannot continue running his 'Bluegrass in Ireland' Facebook page.

Ray's farewell message can, and should, be read here. The BIB fully agrees that the page '... has flourished to become a very good medium for bluegrass news on this isle.' The interactive nature of Facebook, plus the work that Ray has put into establishing links and displaying images, together with his own welcoming style of editing and communicating, have made 'Bluegrass in Ireland' a vital medium for the scene here, and it will be sorely missed. Ray deserves every credit for setting up and maintaining it.

His message ends with a ray (no pun intended) of hope for the future:

If any of you lovely people think that you might be interested in possibly taking ownership of this page please contact me on 089 4452093 or email me for more information. Thanks again for all your support and a very happy and prosperous new year to you all.

For BIB readers: our line of goods is still available from the old shop. It's not on the main thoroughfare, but once you know the address it's not hard to find.



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