15 January 2015

Bluegrass gives Dublin firm a helping hand

L-r: Dan Eubanks, Dustin Benson, Rick Faris, Greg Cahill

Thanks to Bluegrass Today for a feature on the latest Special Consensus tour in Ireland, with a report on the band's progress up to yesterday by its leader and founder, Greg Cahill.

Last night the Special C. were in Grange, Co. Sligo; today and tomorrow they're in Belfast and Lisburn; and at the weekend they'll be playing in Leap Castle, Co. Offaly, and at the Winter Music Weekend in Co. Clare. All dates, including those for their return from Britain later this month, are on the BIB calendar.

While here, the Special C. have noticed a Dublin firm that seemed to deserve support, and they have consequently decided to give it a little publicity (see the photo) and use its products whenever they can.

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